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June 1, 2016
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August 24, 2016
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Two All-Nighters and a Microphone

In roughly one month’s time, I’ll be turning 40. During odometer milestones such as these, it’s difficult not to reflect on time and age, and the inherit absurdities. On the one hand, I’m too advanced in dog years to pretend to be anything other than an adult. On the other hand, I still live and behave like a college student. Last week, I pulled two all-nighters, burned the soles of my feet by carelessly walking around barefoot on hot pavement, and drew a series of penises on Scrabble tiles at a friend’s birthday party. Yep, 40. And then there’s that childish chasing your art dream thing… which seems more challenging with age, blistered feet, and a lack of sleep.

AMS II. Providence

This past week, I also completed a new album (hence the all-nighters), and booked an event at which to celebrate the album’s completion. II. Providence is the name of the album. It’s the second EP (extended play album) for American Murder Song, a new project by Saar Hendelman (The Devil’s Carnival co-composer) and me.

In a time where all one needs to be a star is a webcam and NPD, Saar and I have been tirelessly working to create an experience with American Murder Song that delivers more. For the past three months, we’ve been releasing weekly music and video content that’s high-concept, high production value, and (hopefully) highly entertaining. On II. Providence—a collection of drinking songs involving murder in 1816 America—our sonic palette includes saloon piano, fifes, and, yes, inebriated group singing. A medley of the EP’s songs can be heard in this trailer.

On Tuesday, II. Providence becomes available on digital outlets. Today, you can pre-order the EP and get the first single “Sweet Rosalie” emailed directly to your inbox. “Sweet Rosalie” is the ballad of a wild young woman who’s escaped from a 19th century mental ward. She leaves a trail of dead in her wake: her father, the neighbor’s cat, her lawyer, her jailors, and the man who stands beside her with undying devotion.

By pre-ordering II. Providence, you’ll not only be acquiring a batch of “killer” tunes, but also helping to make a 2016 American Murder Song tour a reality. We want to come to your town and play songs for you this fall. All EP proceeds help fund this goal. In addition to music, we’re offering a menu of cool ways that you can be a part of our tour goals. We’re even auctioning ourselves for backyard performances, private Skype chats, and more. Check it out:

AMS EP. II Banner

To celebrate the release of II. Providence, Saar and I are also hosting a very intimate party in Los Angeles. You’re invited. At the party, we’ll be screening American Murder Song‘s very first music video, and Saar and I will be singing a live set of songs form the new album. Select members of the cast and crew will be in attendance, and we plan on having a great time. Come join us. Tickets are very limited, so reserve yours today:

AMS Release Party

  • Anna Sue Pike

    Hell hath no fury like a woman with dreams to go to meet her all time favorite actor, but has no money. Sad, sad day in VA.

  • Caitlin Wolle

    The music is fantastic and I’m kicking myself that I’ll be in LA the wrong weekend 🙁 I’ll just have to wait for the tour!
    Side note…I gave you a metal cockroach in Columbus, OH, is the little guy still around?

  • Arielle

    My birthday is a just a few short days before your own; I’ll be 23 on the 19th. The duality of adult responsibilities and youthful carefree ways is something I am learning to navigate. Best of luck to you, Saar, and all the other brilliant minds developing the wonder of AMS… It is already unfolding to be one of your signature masterpieces!

  • michinyo

    You and I share the same birthday, I forgot about that until just now! So happy early birthday to us!
    It’s a shame I live over in the midwest, I’d love to go to this event in LA. I’ll just have to hope for a tour eventually.

  • Stack

    I have a love/hate relationship with adulting. On the upside, alcohol and the Repo! and TDC soundtracks got me through several all nighters of exam study over the last month. Unfortunately being in a completely different country means chances of getting to the LA event, or seeing any of the future road show is relatively slim. Regardless, your work is amazing and I eagerly look forward to listening to Providence in its entirety.

  • Oberon Gustacroft

    Do you remember anyone nicknamed Squiffy? I keep finding signed Repo! stuff at my local library. It’s totally cool. I met my wife at a road tour stop so they’re like those snapshots we would’ve taken together if we had any clue where things would wind up.

  • Love ya to death T BUT CANCERS RULE!! Shoulda bee born a week eariler!! Tisk Tisk! LOL J/k(ish) You still rock @ 40 even tho your a Leo!

    Living on the Cusp……

    Cancer/Leo Cusp – July 19th – July 25th cancer leo cusp

    This cusp is known as The Cusp of Oscillation. Your life can be full of ups and downs, trying to balance the sensitive Cancer side of your personality, with your expressive, theatrical Leo side. You are known to be sensitive and shy one moment, and insensitive and dramatic the next!

    You are full of love and devotion, you love your family and are brilliant at forming long lasting relationships and friendships.

  • michinyo

    Happy Birthday Terrance!
    I hope it’s an awesome one!!

  • KrysTurtle

    I’ve been a fan for a bit but I just found your blog. I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel better about turning 40 in December. Most days I feel more like a college student than an adult. I’m glad I’m not alone in that feeling.

    I love the new work and am excited to see/hear what else is to come.