Molting with “The Molting”: part I
August 6, 2010
August 10, 2010
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“The Man Doesn’t Do Pretty…” gives my comic book series, The Molting, a big thumbs up!  Writer Eric Walkuski has this to say about the series: “How many dysfunctional family dramas reach back 45,000 years to show us a primitive tribe attacking another? Or, for that matter, take place under the watchful eyes of a swarm of cockroaches? Probably not many, but Terrance Zdunich’s THE MOLTING does.”  Check out Eric’s awesome review, and then order your copy of The Molting today:

  • constance

    You know the more you write, the more I read and the more I read (about you), the more interesting you become! Just saying.

  • constance

    I do wonder what Terrance Zdunich has on his mind (after reading the review), but I certainly know what’s on mine!
    Cant wait to read the whole Molting series. Time cant go fast enough!

  • Kim

    Well done on a good review