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April 13, 2016
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June 1, 2016
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Murder! Murder!

It’s a lovely day in Los Angeles. Even though my bicycle’s got a flat tire and my cell phone’s texting autofill doesn’t acknowledge the word hooker, and even though I had to refer to the internet to remember lyrics to a song I wrote, it’s a good day. The sun’s out. There’s coffee in the thermos. And I am a lucky man.

I. Dawn

Last Tuesday, the first EP of songs from a project I’ve been developing since 2013 became available for pre-order. American Murder Song: I. Dawn features five original murder ballads set in 1816, written and sung by my The Devil’s Carnival conspirator, Saar Hendelman, and yours truly. But the imminent release of this mini-murder album is not why I’m lucky.

Debuting any creative accomplishment is always thrilling and scary and rewarding, but these projects (and the subsequent feelings that they induce in their creators) are almost always the result of hard, tireless work, not luck. Sure, I’m lucky in the sense that I didn’t drop dead before completing this recording, but the milestone is really the outcome of dreaming-up an extremely nerdy goal, and then having the audacity to see it through. One part murder. One part America. Two parts whiskey. Go!

American Murder Song: Poster

The lucky part of this journey has been the unlikely relationships made with so many supportive and like-minded folks along the way… friendships formed with sympathetic souls like you. Some of you have believed in and followed my nerd dream for the better part of a decade. I’m lucky. Lucky, indeed.

In this spirit of community, Saar and I elected to present our new EP to the world by way of a two-week, pay-what-you-want pre-order, where we’re giving away the first track from the album—a deadly ditty by the name of Murder! Murder!—for free, and then asking fans to pay-what-you-can for the remainder of the album.

American Murder Song: New Music

Obviously, we hope you will contribute. It takes a lot of sweat and costs a lot of dough to make a project as daring as American Murder Song. It’s got fabulous historical costumes, epic production value and a nerdgasm-inducing cast of performers to play our killers, which we’ll be announcing shortly. And the new EP has got me howling lots of really, really low notes.

As of May 10th, I. Dawn will be available on iTunes, Amazon and the like for $4.99. Until then, you can pay whatever you want to pre-order the EP, even $0. Just remember that all proceeds from the sale of I. Dawn go towards continuing the project, continuing the nerd dream.

American Murder Song: Thank You

Here’s a trailer and medley of some of the tunes from the EP to whet your appetite. Enjoy, and, as always, thank you for believing in this rumbly artist.

To pre-order EP I. Dawn, visit www.AmericanMurderSong.com/music

Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder!