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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

2016 was a year of milestones. On a financial level, I paid off my motorcycle and a tax debt that I’d been chipping at for years. On the professional front, I launched and toured American Murder Song, a bold and ambitious project that’s given me a new creative lease on life. On the personal frontier, I turned 40 and got my first tattoo, a permanent cockroach on my left forearm. But perhaps the biggest turn of 2016 is one that I haven’t yet shared.


I’ve had long hair since I was a teenager. I’m not sure where this shaggy impulse began, but I suppose it stemmed from highschooler rock ‘n’ roll dreams. When I was 16, I playing in a metal band (which thank god was before the YouTube era), and haven’t really cut my hair since.


I like to think that in the twenty-four years since the above photo was snapped, that my music has gotten a touch better… but my long-haired, adolescent spirit is harder to kick than Zydrate.


Although perhaps there was a devil in me yearning for a more shorn look?


In November, I completed a six-week tour with American Murder Song. While on the road, my body—and rock ‘n’ roll determination—was tested. On tour, we performed a couple of smoking venues, not factoring in that this would cause throat irritations and singing obstacles that lasted for weeks.


I was also eaten alive one night in a hotel room that apparently came with a bunch of tiny roommates. These crawly guests seemed to find my face especially tasty as I woke up one morning to a jaw and chin that was so swollen and red that BB—our roadie, tour photographer and moonlight makeup artist—had to beat me up a bit with her makeup brushes before our Boise show to make the swelling look purposeful.


I also developed a case of Alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is an attack on a body’s hair follicles by its immune system, which results in sudden hair loss. And by sudden, I mean sudden. Like with the unsightly bug bites, I woke one morning to circular patches of missing hair all over my chin and head. The missing patches looked like those Alien crop circles of redneck fantasy. I even had a stranger at a coffee shop ask me if I’d purposefully shaved the face of a skull into the back of my melon. Unfortunately, the look was nothing this cool.


Aside from being shocking, the overnight hair loss was embarrassing. On tour, I found myself attempting unsuccessful comb-overs to try and hide the barren areas of my scalp, cleaving desperately to my longstanding, long-hair-ed persona.

After much consideration, I decided that this balding battle was something that I was no longer interested in fighting. Shortly after dismounting the American Murder Song tour van, I marched into a hipster barber shop, took a shot of whiskey, and bid farewell to what was left of my mane.


Tomorrow, I’ll be playing my first show without hair at The Edwardian Ball in San Francisco. So, if you live near the Bay Area, come out and say hi to my new head (you can even rub it for luck, if you’d like), and experience a live performance of American Murder Song.

AMS Edwardian Ball

If you can’t make it to the show, don’t fret; the entire American Murder Song experience (including TZ with and without hair) is available on DVD and CD in a comprehensive box set, which you can order here.

AMS Box Set

Apparently, Alopecia areata is a temporary condition, and lost hair often eventually regrows. I’ll cross that bridge if and when it comes. ‘Til then, here’s the new me: same ‘tude, new dome.


  • Laurie Neufeld

    Wow, you really have poured yourself into this adventure. Rest and rejuvenate, sweet man. However, your new look is very Zen and peaceful. Wish I could attend and rub your noggin for luck, but I’m sure others will stand proxy for me. Blessings to you, Terrance. Tis but another transformation on your journey.

  • TuffeTu

    You look stunning (with and without hair)

  • Jessica_Dwyer

    You look amazing!

  • Rachel Uviktig

    Wish I was close enough to make it to the show tomorrow & rub that beautiful naked melon! Knock ’em dead!

  • Barbara

    You still look awesome. I understand that must be difficult since long hair is something you have had most of your life.

  • Lisa Hollimon

    You look very handsome with or without hair. It is easier to focus on your amazing eyes now.

  • Amber Ford

    Hair or no hair….you are amazing!!!

  • Alexie Schauerte Oh my god! Tor did the same thing! Down to the old fashioned barber shop that indeed gave a free beer to its clients! That’s insane! Great minds

  • Sarah Hazel

    Hair or no hair, it matters not to me! Interestingly, when my sister and I went to the Wake in Pittsburgh we also awoke the next day having been feasted upon by unidentified tiny visitors, so we feel your pain there.
    I understand the emotions that go with the unexpected hair loss. I too have spent most of my life with long, often multi colored hair. However, over the years I have discovered that several.combinations of pharmaceuticals for my autoimmune disorder cause “patchy” hair loss.
    I once described it as the shower scene from The Craft when I washed my long locks. Good on you for liberating yourself for now and going clean shaven. I’ve done it a few times, myself, and keep it short otherwise. We may not have our lion’s mane, but we are still keen in tooth and claw! You still look great!

  • Melea Hoffman

    You look just as amazing now as you always have, I lost my hair during chemo and I know what it feels like to wake up with parts gone and say, no… i’m doing this on my terms. I shaved my head the next day. Much love and respect, and you are still sexy as hell.

  • Garrison Collins

    You look awesome! Wished i could have got to the American Murder Song tour when you were in the Tampa area but I was gigging that night!

  • Dear Terrance, I hope your hair will go back soon. It’s possible that all happened due to all stress you’ve been trough since Devil’s carnival 2 troubles, and AMS tour which was very demanding.
    Changes are ok, it’s good to embrace them and see what they will bring-maybe inspiration for new stories and characters? I loved your image with hair, this new looks are interesting too. Hey, it’s still you- that creative and very interesting man whose work inspires me, and who I’ve been following for years since I watched ‘Repo!’. Be well, and have a lots of inspiration!

  • Jeni Sansifer

    I thought for the longest time that hair, its style, length, texture, color, and everything else involved, was more of an issue for women. There is so much of a woman’s identity bound up in her hair and how it looks. People make snap judgements about women based upon hair length, style, color, etc. When I shaved the sides of my head, leaving only a mohawk, and then dyed that mohawk into a beautiful rainbow, people suddenly knew I just must be a lesbian. All I could say was “dude, Rainbow Dash!”.
    I can’t say I understand completely how you feel because no two humans experience any one thing the same way. But what I can say is that you’re one hell of a man and whether your hair ever comes back exactly the way it was or exactly the way you want it, you will weather it with grace and aplomb. Having said that, a bald man is a sexy man. And I still want to lick your brain. (It’s so much closer to the surface now!) <3 Jeni

  • Nytshaed

    My beloved. It takes a huge amount of courage to accept when our bodies choose to throw curveballs, and wrenches into normalcy we have come to take for granted. This is a battle you are well armed to fight, and you have all of us sick little children backing you up. Cheers!

  • Christa Mason

    2016 was a wild year for you sir! Your dome is adorable as ever!! Hoping you have a fantastic 2017. Wish I could make it to the Edwardian Ball, however it’s a little too far from Texas.

  • Cynful

    Beautiful photo at the canyon. No one can hide your inner beauty and you are sexy with hair or not.

  • Rachel Ann Rossetti

    You are still gorgeous to me. Much love to you. Having to make drastic changes can be nerve wrenching and can leave one emotionally drained. I wish and hope that this was a freeing experience for you. Will always adore you and your dome. Keep warm 😉

  • Jan Wilson

    Holy moly! What an ordeal! I’m in shock so I can hardly imagine how you must feel. Change is good though. And it’ll probably grow back if you want to have your long locks again. Either way, you rock it.

  • Christina Isabel Rogers

    Still a beautiful man and soul!

  • Arielle

    You still look as handsome as ever, and pull off both long and no hair equally well! But I can only imagine what a personal adjustment that must have been. I know personally the turmoil that can ensue have one’s own immune system attack itself! Hopefully you can now devote a good deal of time and energy to focusing on healing, resting, and self care. You are a brilliant artist and us fans crave your new creations, but what matters most is always your wellbeing. Sending abundant well wishes and positivity your way!

  • Shannon Snowball

    My son Brendan has Alopecia. He lost all off of his hair when he was in 2nd grade. He is 19 now. He struggled with being bullied when he was younger, but had tons of support from friends and family and is strong person today as a result of it. He embraces having no hair and he says that he would actually be disappointed if it grew back because having no hair makes him unique. Thank you for sharing your story with your fans. We support you and wish you the best.

  • g3tus

    He is sill gorgeous! Id totally LOVE to be at the Ball in sanfran but being broke in jersey seems to ba all I have! Good luck Mr. Zdunch! Jersey is rooting for a full and luscious recovery! We know theres killing in you yet!

  • Michele McAdams

    You sir, are still a gorgeous man and have a gorgeous soul. You look great.

  • Kelley Pegelow

    It’s really hard when your immune system decides to attack something that’s such a big part of your life. Been there with RA, so while I can’t say I know exactly how it feels, I know that it’s really, really tough. Especially when a hairstyle is kind of your trademark. It’s normal to grieve that part of yourself. And I really appreciate that you’re blogging about it. I always felt like a nut for crying about my curls. Good to know I’m not alone. 🙂

    Now, on a purely superficial level: you have a really handsome face. The long hair was gorgeous (and will be again, if you decide to go long again), but this is a great look for you. And if course we’re all excited to see what comes out of that glorious brain.

  • Kristy Jacobs

    OMGrief! You poor dear; it’s one thing to debate a radical hair change, but entirely another when the decision’s made for you! Love the photo at the canyon, BTW. Wish I could make it to the Ball tomorrow night, ESPECIALLY because it’s “Debacle in DC” Day! Hugs from Stockton!

  • Elizabeth Jane Mallory

    What a shock that must have been for you! I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. You are a beautiful man that we wil love no matter what. But you should know that you are still an extremely brilliant and sexy handsome man. I am happy to give what support i can to you and any endeavor of yours. As fantastic and iconic as your hair has been, it’s you and your talents that we adore. Take care friend ☺

  • Renee D. Burreson

    Sounds like you had a bit of bumps along the way. Here’s to hoping you are feeling better. As you said, it can grow back. Love your music with or without the hair.

  • Raven

    You’ve the perfect head for it. Rock on ma. m/

  • Malinda Wickham

    Bald is beautiful (think of Patrick Stewart). But I’m sorry about the alopecia…and the bug bites. But you new tattoo rocks! Enjoy San Francisco! *Big Hugs from Kentucky*
    Why am I not surprised that you played bass? :p

  • Sorry for the loss of your locks, Terrance – but we all love you because of what’s inside your dome, not just what’s on top. You look handsome as ever to me – what a horrible thing to have to endure w/the bugs and such; you are such a professional, no one would EVER know anything was wrong, or even if you were having a bad day. Keep on keeping on, you’re still one of my heroes!! XOXO

  • MissLadySky

    This genuinely made me so happy because as a woman with androgenic alopecia, I was judged a lot for just cutting it all off. I have never been freer from myself than I am now, bald. It just makes me so happy to see someone who took the same “fuck this” path as I did instead of wallowing about it. ❤ props to you, brother.

  • Vulky

    You don’t have to love it like whisky and musica forte, but it’s so o.k. I have a friend with alopecia totalis and a husband who lost his rock and roll locks to a car repair explosion (don’t ask) years ago. Suddenly going from hair to no hair can be strange, awkward, shocking, and even tiresome (for a fun game, count how many times you hear a question involving hair in the next few months), but one thing I know for sure – everything is temporary, hair is no exception, and there is still plenty of awesome shit in the world no matter what goes on at any given point in time. Look after yourself, TZ, have a break, a drink, a breath, a think, and just watch out for whatever’s next – that’s all anyone can do, and I’m sure you’ll be awesome no matter what!

  • Lady Black Heart

    I once experienced Alopecia Areata when I was in my mid 20s. The doctor gave me a steroid emulsion that I had to rub into the scalp twice a day. The hair did grow back within a few weeks, though my hair grows quite fast naturally. Bald looks good on you, you have a lovely skull.

  • Kellie Stewart

    I love you for your glowing smile and wonderful laugh. Anyone can grow hair. Not everyone can touch so many people without knowing them all personally. I figured it was the stress from the tour, but it’s only hair. Keep the winning spirit alive. The rest is incidental.

  • Summer Lotus

    The more things I hear from and about you, the more I am amazed with the person you are. Truly beautiful inside and out. If you are ever close enough on a tour, I plan to attend. Thank you for being you. I cannot wait to get the box set!!!

  • Shannon Snowball

    My son Brendan has Alopecia. He lost all off of his hair when he was in 2nd grade. He is 19 now. He struggled with being bullied when he was younger, but had tons of support from friends and family and is strong person today as a result of it. He embraces having no hair and he says that he would actually be disappointed if it grew back because having no hair makes him unique. Thank you for sharing your story with your fans. We support you and wish you the best.

  • Krys “KrysTurtle” Doty

    Looks are fleeting. They can be changed in the blink of an eye, whether intentionally or not. What truly matter is what’s inside of a person. I’m sorry this happened to you but it doesn’t change who you are at the soul. You are a good person who is talented beyond words. Keep doing what you do and we’ll all follow, no matter what you look like. But just for the record I think you look amazing bald. The photo at the end is breathtaking.

  • Wade Dearing

    While it’s a shame it happened this way, I welcome you to the order of Those who Rock the Bald. We are a proud family of smooth heads that look damn good. If you ever want tips hit me up. Until then can’t wait to see you in Texas again 🙂

  • Leticia Castaneda

    Please be Spider Jerusalem for Halloween, please be Spider Jerusalem for Halloween, PLEASE be Spider Jerusalem for Halloween

  • Jesi L. Gibson

    You still look amazing!

  • Kathleen Kelley-Ottobre

    Holy crap, you have a nice casaba! Looks great!

  • Kate

    Wow! I shaved for charity. Welcome to the bare-head brigade, bro!

  • MaryAnders

    Hair or no hair, you’re still the same Terrance Zdunich! That’s what makes you very unique and special to all of us who stand by and support you!

  • Whitney Young

    Hey Terrance!! Rockin’ the Kojak/Moody look!! Looking good! Hang in there! Those locks shall return!

    From Whit and Amy!

  • Lisa Fore

    You are still adorable!

  • Andromeda Aristy

    It’s gonna take a little getting used to, seeing photos of you without your mane. It’s okay though Terrance– we still love you!

  • me

    Still hot as hell!!!!

  • Juliet Fugman (Patty Thompson)

    As a person with issues almost like that, I have been told that even if there are problems that would effect us for the rest of our lives, we artists still have to keep on going with our lives.

  • Patch Twist

    You go forth and rock that shiny (and at the time of this comment, scarred) dome like the good looking badass you are! m/
    So does this mean you could be Lex Luther for Halloween? 😉

  • Laurie Neufeld

    Such a beautiful, peaceful scene. It suits you, sirrah!

  • Kaylee

    My cultivated-in-middle-school crush still going strong. RIP your locks, I kissed a lot of skeezy long-haired men due to them. You’re still fine af, and your art continues to inspire.

  • Juliet Rellis

    I have donated my hair three times and I am thinking of donating my hair for the fourth time.

  • Tara Jane Hart

    I shaved my head for children’s cancer research and donated the hair. Since I’m a brunette, we had to buy a pack of razors and shave it completely bald. I have my best friend a week to decide if we wanted to take some pictures as superman and Lex Luther. He eventually did and shaved my head again, but the pictures were fun. We put so much emphasis on what our looks mean. My mom made us have family photos taken with my long hair. My parents weren’t initially supportive of my decision, but my mom came around in time. I spent months of bad days, crying because I was mistaken for a man for the umpteenth despite being obviously female. If your experience is anything like mine, your hair will grow back and you’ll be more rock n roll for having gone through it. I’d even shave my head again, if it made you feel better.

  • Emily Greene

    It can be very embarrassing/humiliating to admit to hair thinning. (Especially for women and as a woman, with stress-induced or PCOS-induced hair loss, it sucks! Below is a picture of some of my own thinning.)

    You seem to be handling your hair issue each day with cool grace. As many have said, hair or no hair, you can still rock out with the best of them.

    Rock on!

    • Dan Sword

      Is your left eye a little lazy? Reason I ask is, mine does that too (same eye too). But only if I am not wearing my contacts or if I get falling-down drunk and my control lapses. People I’ve known for a long time (even my long-term ex-gf) claim to have never seen my eye drift, but it is something I am constantly aware of and have been since I was a child. Anyway, point is: If it is, you should be wearing contacts. I bet it fixes it right up. 😉

      Hope your hair is doing better now!

  • Kell Brigan

    I spent most of my life as a somewhat “jumpy” person, but still lettered in tennis, played soccer and threw heavy objects in the Scottish Games. (In a ladylike way, of course. That means the ladies’ division grunted, but didn’t spit.) Did a LOT of bike riding, including what was *almost* a half century. Then I hit da 40s and some sort of girly hormonal thing or maybe some sort of central nervous system basilar migraine-related lesiony thing or maybe sun spots and/or alien transmissions triggered a far more intense wave of what I now know is an inherited disorder of the startle response called “hyperekplexia.” More than a few falls, some workplace discrimination (I made it to retirement. I won.) and several weird drugs later, I now walk with canes or forearm crutches so I don’t lurch like a zombie and sometimes look like I have Tourette’s or CP or some other weird neurological thing (3rd option is the correct one.) So, yeah, I know about having a Then Me and and Now Me. The Now Me is still me, still doing cool things. Just different. Still throwing heavy objects, if only metaphorically. I suspect everybody has Then and Now Me’s. Some of us just have more obvious indicators of those changes.

  • Messr. Night

    That picture of teen you cheers my heart. If it’s all the same to you, as Donner party was the first time I got to meet you face-to-face, my go-to image of you now is one without hair. Hair, or no hair, you fuckin’ rock! Keep being awesome, my man!