FAQs – 6.  Can I interview you for a school project?

Maybe, but probably not. I receive so many fan inquiries that it’s impossible to respond to every one (I’m very thankful for this problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless!). So, feel free to contact me about an interview, but if I don’t respond, please don’t take it personally.

If you are compelled to write, I request that you do your research first. If you ask me the same questions that have already been asked and answered a dozen times and can readily be found with a simple online search, I will not answer—i.e. don’t ask me to do more work on your project than you have.


However, if your paper, dissertation or thesis has an interesting slant, and your questions are fascinating, I might drop everything that I’m doing and respond immediately. Don’t take this as a challenge. It’s not. But who would want to answer boring questions? Or read a boring paper? Or, for that matter, write one?

(photo by Andy Hartmark)