FAQs – 4.  Will you design my tattoo or draw something for me?

At every fan event I attend, I’m always amazed and deeply honored to meet people who share with me their Repo!The Devil’s Carnival, The Molting, or cockroach-inspired artwork. Especially when it’s tattooed on their bodies. Words cannot describe how flattering it is to know that my work as an artist has motivated strangers to create, or moved them to want an image permanently inked onto their skin. I feel this same level of flattery whenever I’m asked to create original works by people who genuinely seem to love what I do.

So, yes, I’m available to do illustrations on commission.

Zdunich: Molting: FAQs

That said, I think it’s important for those making these sorts of requests to realize that art is my profession, not a hobby. People often assume that because drawing seems fun that it isn’t work. Nothing could be further form the truth. Every piece I create is an intensive, time-consuming process that comes as a result of decades of honing my craft.

So… if you are an art collector who’s genuinely looking to commission an original, one-of-a-kind TZ piece, feel free to contact me.

(The Molting comic 2014 holiday greeting card illustration)