FAQs – 3.  How do I book you for an appearance?

I’m always flattered (and stunned!) when people want me to show up at their local convention, campus, or film screening. If you’re interested in booking me for an appearance, here are my requirements:



1.) airfare and hotel lodging, including transportation to-and-from airports: I don’t need a swanky 4-star suite and limo, but 10 airport layovers and a pillow on the corner on your couch won’t cut it; I’m looking for as direct a flight as possible, a private, conveniently-located hotel room, & some sort of car service for airport back-and-forths.

2.) an appearance fee: I don’t have a hard-and-fast figure (truthfully, as an artist, I always dread negotiating monies), so just come to me with a number you think is fair. If you’re an event that’s charging admission, then the amount of tickets you expect to sell based on the advertising of my appearance should give you a starting point. Bottom line: I’m a professional and I’m reasonable, so come to me with a professional, reasonable offer and we can make it work.

3.) lastly: have your shit together: as someone who’s booked and managed multiple film tours and stage productions, I know how difficult it is to successfully organize an event. But it is possible. Nothing irks me more than showing up somewhere to find a disorganized schedule and bad communication amongst the people involved, especially when it’s a function that’s charging admission. Being on top of your game and creating a detailed schedule will not only make everyone’s experience more enjoyable, but will allow me to help you promote your event.

See you there!

Zdunich: Booking-2

(photos by MHA Photography)