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Drawn To It

Over the past several months, I’ve been drawing up a storm. Hundreds of illustrations ranging from quick, throwaway doodles to detailed rendering worthy of framing. All of this artwork has been Donner Party themed. And, yes, all of it is tasty.

The Donner Party is the subject of my latest musical work with Saar Hendelman and American Murder Song. We’ve been exploring the true tales of that ill-fated group of American pioneers-turned-cannibals on a new album, a series of spooky, historical music videos, and a fast-approaching Halloween tour… The Donner Party Reunion Tour!

In researching The Donner Party, one of the fascinating and reoccurring elements is the discovery of the varied nature of reporting on the tragic event. Most of the historical record is based on the firsthand accounts told and written by the survivors of the Party… so, natural, everyone tended to make themselves the heroes in their own stories. But everything from who ate who to the spelling of people’s names is all over the map.

Due to the era, there’s also very little in the way of photographic documentation. Most of the photos of the survivors were taken years after the event that made them infamous, so I’ve been tasked with creating drawings to provide a visual approximation of the places and faces that have otherwise been lost to time.

Historical accuracy aside, a lot of the artwork I’ve been producing for our album, videos and tour is just plain fun. Collaborating with director and visual effects artist Jake Akuna, I had the opportunity to illustrate a Saul Bass-like title sequence for a fictitious 1950’s television show called “The Black Wagon”. The sequence features a skull-wagon galloping around and gobbling up famous crime stories. H’YAH!

I’ve also drawn fleshy and not-so-fleshy portraits of Saar and I (it’s always a little weird to draw one’s self, but it’s cheaper than hiring a photographer).

And then there’s a whole bunch of exciting new artwork that will be unveiled on The Donner Party Reunion Tour. If you’ve been to one of our live shows before, then you can attest to the fact that our sets, props and video projections are elaborate and not-to-be-missed.

If you haven’t already done so, consider nabbing a ticket to The Donner Party Reunion Tour. We’re hitting the road in just under two weeks and are visiting thirty-seven North American cities for a series of one-night-only LIVE Halloween engagements. Come see us and you’ll get a chance to check out all of the new and pretty artwork. You’ll also get to hear us sing live. Plus: every ticket sold helps keep our spooky indie project alive.

As a further incentive to order your tickets now, we’re presenting a very special and limited time offer that includes an epic THE DONNER PARTY LUNCHBOX… and the illustrations on this sweet metal lunch-bucket are all TZ originals… and, yes, they are guaranteed to upset your pastor and neighbors. Here are the details on the special offer:

If you order your The Donner Party Lunchbox before Monday morning (9/25), you can also get HALF-OFF on a Cannibal Ticket to The Donner Party Reunion Tour (or $15 off any other kind of ticket to the Tour). Plus: the Lunchbox will be shipped to you before the tour begins (and before they are available anywhere else!). Chew, digest, and order your Lunchbox and Ticket to The Donner Party Reunion Tour today:

  • Jenille JJ Vasquez

    These drawings are indeed purdy. 🙂 Hoping to see y’all on the trail!

  • Laurie Neufeld

    Oooooh, tempting indeed, fine sir! Perfect for storing finger foods.

    • Elaine Little

      …hehe food fingers…

  • Krissy Straub-MacCanon

    The art is fantastic and I’m so glad the muse has bit you (pun wasn’t intended but works…LOL) with this new project. Looking forward to the tour and purchasing lots of merch….especially the lunchbox!!!

  • Arielle

    You have made my dreams (nightmares?! Nahhh) come true by offering this magnificent item online. Thank you! I can’t imagine, but do appreciate, all the effort that is going into this project. Us fans love you for it. Best wishes for a wonderful tour- make sure to rest up and care for yourself beforehand!

  • Andromeda Aristy

    I can’t wait for the Donner Party! 😀 Also, quick question– when will we, the people that’ve purchased our tickets, be receiving the location of where the Donner Party is being held? I bought mine like 3 months ago for the Phoenix event and now that it’s coming closer and closer, I’m eager to know where it’ll be held!

    • terrancezdunich

      Hi Andromeda. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix. The venue info for every show is on the American Murder Song website. Just visit any of the ticketing tier pages and you’ll see the address for the Phoenix venue.

      • Andromeda Aristy

        Thank you very much TZ, can’t wait to see you again! 😀 (I was at the Phoenix Wake last year)

  • James Darren Black

    I’ve been a huge fan since someone introduced me to Report. I have never been to a live event due to living in the middle of nowhere, but for the first time I will have a chance to make the Houston show. I love your artwork. Always have! I was wondering, do you also sell your prints at your show? I would love to have a TZ original having in my nerd room. Haha. Anyway already decided when I get paid in 2 Fridays I will be getting my ticket to my first TZ live show. Incredibly excited!!!! Thank you for being a true inspiration!

  • kbrigan

    For people like me who don’t realize they’ve been seeing Saul Bass’ stuff all their lives, there’s this:

  • Messr. Night

    That tour was awesome! I still regularly sing ‘Further from the Bone’ much to the confusion and fear of those in my vicinity.
    I especially love the Black Wagon ‘TV Show’. It’s highly entertaining as well as informative of the inspirations for each song. Who knows, one day it could pick up as a series?