Baby, It’s Cold Outside
February 6, 2019
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Come Back To Haunt

I’ve been back home in Los Angeles for a little over seven weeks now after having been away for all of March and April on the Anti-Recital Hardcore Encore Tour. The tour included a month’s worth of country-hopping and sightseeing in Western Europe. While away, I visited historic landmarks and gazed at artwork that I’d only previously seen in books. I also met great people, ate great food and had a great, great time.

On the heels of such an amazing adventure, it’s been a real challenge returning to regular life. I’ve been home for almost as long as I was away, yet my time in Europe feels like it was both yesterday and a lifetime ago. Our return flight touched down in L.A. on April 1st and—like a couple of April fools—Saar and I decided that the best way to find our homecoming footing would be to get right back to work writing our next American Murder Song album.

Apparently, songwriting ain’t like riding a bicycle. As composers, with every new work, it feels like starting from scratch. This new album is no different. We’re seven weeks into this budding collaborative goal and only just starting to feel like our old selves. Yes, we’re bleary, but also energized by the fumes of our Anti-Recital touring.

It’ll be months of creative exploration and execution before Saar and I have any new music to officially share with you, of course, but being in the middle of our drawn-out creative process is in fact my “normal” life… so getting back on this writing wagon is a proven remedy to jet lag and post-travel blues.

On the writing front: a blog about our recent touring and European adventures is forthcoming, but in the meantime, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to come join in our creative process. As part of American Murder Song‘s “Three-Year Anniversary Toast,” Saar and I are hosting weekly live-streamed videos. The videos dive into how we make our art. It’s a raw and entertaining peek behind the curtain of our veritable song factory, which you can catch every Wednesday at 6PM PST, all of May, on American Murder Song‘s Facebook page.

So come join our anniversary party for some free Murder radio and live video-streams at While you’re there, poke around at some limited-time offers on authentic Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Carnival and American Murder Song artifacts, and explore ways that you can be a part of our next batch of twisted tunes.

For the entire month of May, in addition to the above-mentioned, behind-the-scenes live-streams, you can also listen to our AMS song catalogue, 24/7, for free. Additionally, you can peruse an assortment of rare, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, screen-used costumes and props, get tickets to a private Halloween party and performance with us, and more. There are also opportunities for you to have your name in the credits of our next album and to pay-what-you-can to help make this new music a reality. During this Three-Year Anniversary month, any shopping you do at goes directly to funding our next album.

Thank you all for your support and friendship over the years!