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November 20, 2014
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Chicks Love Chocolate

Last spring, I took a road trip up California’s coast on my motorcycle for a sidecar picnic and photo shoot. I hadn’t shaved in months and was bearded. In that wooly state, I thought posing as a Lebowski-esque beach bum, sipping a Martini from a plastic flamingo glass, would make for a fun postcard. After procuring some tacky beach props—including a six-foot inflatable cockroach raft (yes, this happened)—I was ready for my closeup.

The photographer and I selected a coastal camp site in Ventura County that allowed us to pull my motorcycle right up to the shoreline. There, we set our stage, fighting to keep our gaudy props and set pieces from blowing away in what ended up being a blustery day at the beach. My beard collected currents of sand as I sat, sprawled across a rickety beach chair, thinking to myself, if these pictures are half as ridiculous as I feel right now, then we have gold on our hands.

Speaking of beards, not all gals care for them… but chicks love chocolate.


In describing my beach blanket field trip, I nearly forgot to mention the pièce de résistance: longtime friend and graphics collaborator, Oceano Ransford, created a decal to decorate my motorcycle’s sidecar. In a retro typeface, the words Roach Coach really tied the photo shoot together.

When making the graphic, Oceano asked if I needed the sticker to be removable. Unable to imagine a more suitable handle for my retro carriage than Roach Coach, I saw no reason to make my vehicular branding temporary. I figured since there’s nothing subtle about riding around Los Angeles on a motorbike that looks like it rolled out of Hogan’s Heroes, why should my sidecar sticker be any less forthright?

Not all gals care for motorcycles, but chicks love chocolate.


The sidecar picnic was one of a series of photo shoots I’d organized as content for a new TZ website (said site was meant to go live last week, but unforeseen technical glitches have stalled our launch a bit… so thank you for your patience). To help recoup the costs associated with building the site, I also endeavored to create some slick new merchandise to be featured in the site’s online store. In doing so, my motorcycle’s Roach Coach decal came to mind. As such, I saddled up to my drafting table to take the concept a step further.

Putting pencil to paper, I doodled a series of cartoon cockroaches riding cartoon motorcycles with cartoon sidecars. Once I had a sketch that worked, I married Oceano’s Roach Coach typeface with the finished drawing.

Not all gals care for insects, but chicks love chocolate.


Now that I had a logo, I set out to determine the types of merchandise on which to feature it. A friend suggested Roach Coach totes. I loved the idea, especially since it furthered the concept of a Roach Coach being a utilitarian hauling implement.

In picking a color scheme for the roach tote, I experimented with a variety of shades and palettes, which I then shared with a handful of friends to help me decide on a direction. Immediately, I was struck by the disparity in color preferences between my male and female friends. The fellas tended to favor earthy, almost camouflage-like patterns. The dames, on the other hand, gravitated towards colors that looked like desserts.

Yes, chicks love chocolate.


What sort of gentleman would deny womenfolk their God-given confectionary addictions? What civilized man would be complete without a handsome, candy-colored roach murse? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the mint chocolate roach tote!

So… who’s hungry for a tasty tote? What better vehicle in which to transport your books, laptops, and body parts? And who wouldn’t want to hear the checker at their local market simultaneously “Ew!” and then “Aw!” as they load groceries into your icky-but-oh-so-cute roach tote? Best of all, your purchases will be helping to support an artist who promises to bring you creepy and cool new work for years to come.


Roach Coach Totes—and other spanking-new toys—are now on sale for $19.99 at: http://www.TerranceZdunich.com/store. So, what will you stuff into your Roach Coach? Please share your intended tote booty in the “Comments” section below.

  • KellyMichelle79

    I’m thinking of treating myself to one of these to hold my stuff in when I go to the office. 🙂

  • Dani DeathBringer

    getting one after the holidays for sure

  • This post. This post is EVERYTHING.

  • Gizmo

    This chick likes chocolate, beards and motorcycles. I’m working on the insects… it’s just millipedes I have issues with, really. Too many damn legs.

  • Susan Bradford

    Admittedly I can’t stand cockroaches! I’m horribly squeemish about them, but this tote bag is cute as hell! I adore motorcycles I miss so much being able to ride on the back. Neatly trimmed beards are tollerable and this chick loves mint chocolates a little too much!! I’d pack my phone, e cig and e cig supplies, my poetry journal as one never knows when or where the muse may strike, a change of clothes just in case I need to flee a scene and look different, and of course, chocolate mint kisses to share!

  • Messr. Night

    OMG I CAN SEE [PICTURES]!!! It’s taken 41 pages, but I can finally see images on this blog! Speaking of which, that B&W roach doodle is adorable. Also, HOW did you find a roach raft? Who knew that was even a thing.
    Roach Coach Tote. Roach Coach Tote. Try saying that five times.

    • Samantha S

      I had the same feeling about seeing pictures!!