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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I hit the road this past Friday, embarking on what will be the longest tour in my career as a performer. For the next two months, Saar Hendelman and I will be driving and flying (and even sailing) across the States, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and Germany, performing at a series of super-intimate, one-night-only concert experiences that we’ve dubbed Anti-Recitals.

An Anti-Recital is like a traditional music recital, but less lame. The locations are secret, the programmes are naughty and full of expletives, and the music is edgier. There are only thirty people admitted to each Anti-Recital. Everyone dresses up, including us humble hosts, and Saar and I sing at a piano without the aid of microphones, stages, or any sort of buffer between us and the audience. It’s like a private musical cocktail party for friends in a secret society.

Outside of being our longest tour to date, this is our first wintertime concert. As such. nature is providing a whole new slew of chilly considerations for this Southern California raised boy (I’m penning this blog from a hotel room on the road, where it’s presently snowing outside of the window where I’m writing).

Until now, I’ve never needed to own a proper winter coat or footwear, let alone take into account how the season’s ever-present, ever-nipping germs and frost might be detrimental to this growly baritone’s ability to sing. In other words, for the next sixty odd days, I need to stay healthy.

In preparation, I got my first flu shot, purchased a grip of long johns and wool socks, and stockpiled a two-month supply of Emergen-C and throat lozenges. Luckily, I inherited a rather robust immune system. In the past, I’ve braved cold climates in little more than t-shirts, but the idea of giving a bad performance is a way more daunting deterrent than that of catching the sniffles… so I am armed and ready for the cold.

The Anti-Recital Tour is also our first jaunt into Europe, so a host of additional travel considerations have needed to be met, like international work permits and driver’s licenses. Saar’s more excited about driving Germany’s Autobahn and on the opposite side of the street in England than I am, but a crash course is a-calling.

Unlike our traditional tours, where the intense travel schedule allows little room for anything but driving, performing and sleeping, we routed our European dates with breathing space for adventure. We’re not keeping a strict itinerary when it comes to sightseeing, but our Western European country-hopping does include visits to Switzerland’s HR Giger Museum, Germany’s Fairy Tale Road, England’s Stonehenge, Austria’s Wiener Musikverein, and Disney Paris.

In addition to winter survival clothes and notches in our adventure belts, we also procured an assortment of Valentine’s themed suits to wear for our Anti-Recitals. Red suits, heart-patterned ties and cupid lapel pins are now part of our dapper collection. The sexy suits match the sexy set list of songs that we’re performing live and unplugged at each and every stop of the Anti-Recital Tour.


Many stops on the Tour have already begun to sell out, so be sure to nab your Tickets while you still can to this one-of-a-kind concert experience. To our European fans: we’re looking forward to meeting you and hopefully making these outings the first of many experiences that we share together in the years to come.

To those of you who live, or have spent time in Western Europe: we’d love to know your suggestions on places and attractions to visit during our European adventures. Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.