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Are Scars On A Man Sexy?

On Saturday night, I lost a fight. Even after delivering a ferocious headbutt, which left my opponent covered in blood, I was knocked unconscious with my head split open and my face and body covered in cuts and bruises.

I wish I could tell you that the above injuries are the result of a bad ass bar fight, or a rugged motorcycle spill, but, sadly, the truth is nothing sexy. The staples in my forehead are just a cruel reminder of an avoidable, dumb luck mishap that sent me to the emergency room in the middle of Saturday night.

Saturday was a long work day. In an effort to catalog the inaugural year of our newest musical collaboration, American Murder Song, Saar Hendelman and I spent most of the daylight hours photographing the project’s props and costumes (a full gallery of the historical wardrobe created for our music videos and tour can be viewed here). We dusted off and ironed dozens of garments, posed and photographed even more pieces of graphic art and handmade props, and carefully indexed and stored all of the elements for a rainy day.

Laid out before us, the Murder Collection was quite impressive. It left Saar and I feeling both accomplished as well as exhausted. We decided to conclude our productive day with a dip in the hot tub, conveniently located in Saar’s backyard.

Over the multi-year course of our artistic partnership, many a writing session have ended in Saar’s trusty hot tub. Sure, it’s the steamy cauldron of slash fan fiction, but it’s also the bubbly bed from which many great song ideas have been formed. On Saturday night, however, it became a bloody crime scene.


Just before midnight, feeling sufficiently cooked, Saar and I decided to call an end to our jacuzzi jaunt. With no remaining plans but to dry off and head home for a night of well-earned sleep, I stepped from the hot tub. Immediately, something felt wrong.

Emerging from the hot water into the cool night air, I felt unusually lightheaded, so I set down on the short flight of steps connected to the side of the jacuzzi. Watching me wobble, Saar asked, “Are you alright?” All that I remember after that is waking up on the wet cement beside the hot tub, blood pouring from my forehead, and Saar on the phone calling 911. The drastic change in temperature had caused me to blackout and fall face-first off the steps.

So, there you have it folks, I picked a fight with the concrete… and lost.

Aside from a bruised ego and a bloody noggin, I’m fine. The staples will be removed in about a week and I’ll be able to get back to more important matters: namely, celebrating American Murder Song‘s One Year Anniversary with you.

On Wednesday, March 15th, Saar and I are hosting an online anniversary party, and you’re invited. We’ll be streaming free music all-day, so if you’ve been on the fence about checking out American Murder Song, here’s your risk-free chance. There will also be live video chats, special guest appearances, and sales on some of our screen-used props and costumes. Saar and I will also be baking a Murder cake, answering your questions, and who knows? Perhaps I’ll even remove the staples from my head for your bloody amusement.

Just kidding on that last part.

It’s going to be a blast, and I hope to see you all there. Mark your calendars and pop in this coming Wednesday for some murderous tunes and treats. Hell, pop in just to see how well my wounds are healing. Pop in and let me know if scars on a man are indeed sexy? See you there!

  • RabbÍt Bora Cuthwolf

    The steamy cauldron of slash fan fiction? Bestill my heart. Glad you made it out alive (and sexy). I only want good news from you, mister. (Regards, Julie)

  • Kelley Pegelow

    Holy shit! Glad you’re still in one piece. And yes, scars are absolutely sexy. Take care of yourself, Mister.

  • Christa Seelye

    Ouch! I will never complain about my self inflicted injuries again… be well

  • I wish you fast recovery! I had similar problems with unconsciousness when enteringexiting too cold rooms during summer, take care!

  • Ashe Renate

    post-hot tub concrete kissing is scary, and something i’ve witnessed firsthand before. good job to saar for keeping his cool! i may be a baseless worrier, but make sure you’re keeping an eye on your ticker, there may be something more underlying than just a sudden temperature change.

    • kikihoneybadger

      Good note! My heart condition has similar effects on me. Not too many people pick up on the conection. Thanks for mentioning it!

      • Ashe Renate

        my fiancée and my father both have pretty serious heart conditions, so i’ve had to help micro-manage symptoms for quite a while. hopefully in this case its nothing more than a steamy mishap, but you can never be too cautious.

  • Amber Hopkins

    I hope you heal soon, don’t mess with body temperature because it will always win.

  • Jadedsins

    Consider it a blessing your already beautifully bald, they’d of possibly had to shave some of your hair to do the stitches and check your head

  • hugs! the wardrobe looks amazing. scars better equal sexy, I’ve lived with them on my face for the last 27 years. 😛 😉

  • glamasaurus

    Scars can be sexy as long as the person who has them is. Personally scars=danger and mysteriousness so that does fall into sexy.

  • Alanna Fullen

    Ouch : / sorry to hear about your injury hope for a speedy recovery! Can’t wait for the American murder song anniversary party!!! Feel better Terrance!! By the way scary are pretty sexy so there’s always that 😉 ❤

  • Kimberly Roberts

    Get better soon.

  • kikihoneybadger

    In full agreement with Ashe on this one. It may be nothing but my heart condition does the same thing to me. Something worth looking in to. Speedy recovery!

  • Maranda Hughes

    Awe sweetie I’m so sorry you got hurt. If it makes you feel better I have an embarrassing scare in the middle of my back. I like insanely hot showers and one morning I grew faint and fell…in the shower… hitting the faucet on the way down. Never needed stitches for that one. For a girl Im pretty scared from just being clumsy… I even have a scare on my knee where my hair dresser slipped and droped the scissors, stabing me in the process. Scares make us different I’ll never hide them even if they are from something silly.

    Hugs and mermaid kisses for a speedy recovery.

    Never stop creating, what your doing is important and very beautiful.

  • Davida Grohowski

    Oh man, your poor head! Ouch! As for scars, they are beautiful, they help tell the unique story of each these fascinating meat machines we inhabits, often chaotic trip from the cradle to the grave. You are still as dashing as ever and most importantly that beautiful creative brain of yours is still here to create magic.

  • Lady Black Heart

    Scars are definitely sexy. Doesn’t matter how you got them.

  • Sarah Hazel

    Sorry about your mishap. I have had too many of those, myself. In answer to your question at the beginning of this blog, yes. My mother and father never miss an opportunity to remind me, “Chicks dig guys with scars.”
    Best of luck with your healing, and watch out. If you keep this up you’ll become too sexy to get any rest from the women.

  • Leticia Castaneda

    As someone who has made out with the pavement more than once, I can confirm it is not fun. Also, being soneone who has always preferred the scarred villains to the boringly intact heroes, I can also confirm scars are sexy. Scarred up solidarity! I anxiously await the ides of March….

    • Leticia Castaneda
      • Kate

        Owy! What was that?!

        • Leticia Castaneda

          I was drunkenly trying to cross the street before the signal changed and I lost my balance. My face broke my fall. My brother told me it was hideous, basically I had a flap of skin hanging over my eye and I was bleeding a lot. No brain injuries but I did chip my teeth and get a bunch of stitches.

  • Brandy Alexander

    Omg, I’m glad your okay, and of course girls dig men with scars… Super sexy 🙂

  • Summer Lotus

    OMG your poor head. Will see you on the 15th..

  • Kyle Kiefer

    Recommend removing your MRN and CSN from the screenshot. That’s private health information. Glad you’re doing alright!

  • Craig

    Dude can we get a happy blog next… first you told us there might not be a Devils Carnival 3, then you lost your hair, now this… next blog better be telling us that there’s a new tour coming or something similar. Aside from that, glad you’re ok, take care of yourself, we need that talented brain intact.

  • Vulky

    Yikes! At our house, we call random misfortunes “the attack of the fuck-up fairy.” I fear you may have a fuck-up fairy of your own – if you ever spot her, squash that ‘lil bitch! Scars definitely make you more attractive and intriguing – they always have a story to tell, after all, and if you don’t like “jumped out of a hot tub too fast and fell down steps,” you can change it to something like “fought a murderous devil twice my size and won.” Look after yourself, friend, and may your future recreation be less hazardous!

  • heather

    I’m glad you’re ok. I wound up with 3 staples to my head on December 30 myself so I can relate.

  • Amy Gardner

    Sorry to hear that, Terrance! As a person that suffers from fainting spells, I can relate. Don’t worry- wear your battle scars with pride 😉

  • Rio Neubauer

    As a person who repeatedly takes stumbles and falls and runs into shit hear first. Scars tell a story which makes them sexy. That being said Terrance I don’t think you are ever not sexy and handsome

  • Elizabeth Ann

    Judging by the excessive amount of wit in pretty much all your vernacular, I can imagine you’re a phenomenal conversational companion. That in and of itself should aid you immensely in the obtaining of female companionship. 🙂 as far as the question you posed, however, in my opinion you’re immensely attractive, with or without the scars. But scars themselves on an already attractive man? Hell yes that’s sexy lol. I hope your recovery is fast, and that removing the staples doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it looks like having them in does. ❤❤


  • Kate

    Well… as a nurse I have to say- that’s not all that impressive! C’mon, my ward’s best ever clip story was when some post-surgery abdominal clips removed and the wound burst open when the patient coughed , letting all the bowel out. Sausages. And one very surprised patient. That was fun. (He was fine. We stopped it all up and got him up the theatre tout de suite).
    Hot tub shenanigans is not so much “you should have seen the other fella”, ‘grrrr-ugg masculinely’ impressive as; you flamin’ numpty! Hypotensive drop after cooking in hot water? Dude, that’s a given, even for young-ish, fit people. Warm water= vasodilation= blood pressure drop. Yup.
    Removing clips is dead easy- it’s a little clipper-like thing that you clamp on the clip, squeeze close and it pops the ends up and out of your skin. Done it dozens of times. Rocking the bandaged look, though: you suit headwear of all sorts, so fret not, the cool quotient is still in place. 🙂
    Chin up, chipmunk. I’ve bashed my head (and it bled) at work on my equipment, fallen over my own feet in front of patients and senior staff, and vomited all over the nursing station during one very hot summer when I got heat-struck at work. At least your audience was sympathetic!
    And yes, I suspect there will be much, much slash fic over the hot tub. Brace yourselves. And tell me, does Saar’s hot tub also to duty as a time machine? I’m just green-eyed over the fact he has one!
    Get well soon- and stop picking on the concrete. It cannot help it.

  • Adrienne

    What scars? I see nothing. 😉 Super sexy.

  • Stephen C

    Glad you are OK after ‘The Fall’ lol! Recently received the limited edition box set (#601), enjoying the incredible performances on the CDs. Due to geographic and lack-of-funds-at-time, I wasn’t able to see the live show but I can highly recommend the masterful recordings. I also got the card deck, love it. Nothing picks me up more after a long day than enjoying the murder songs.

  • MaryAnders

    Becareful, please. And get better in time for the anniversary. Until then do take it easy. Get plenty of rest. 🙂

  • Amber Lansaw

    Dude! Be careful! (And yeah, scars are sexy.)

  • April Spearman

    So sorry to hear that you hurt yourself and glad that you are alright ❤

  • Abd L Azeez AlKalidy

    You should get some Zydrate for the pain hahaha
    Get well soon. We may see the last chapter in “the devil’s carnival” trilogy. I know it’s not only our dream but yours as well. You’re the best.

  • Angela Black

    Dude! As it is said here in the South, bump anything else but NEVER bump your tater! Geez it looks like you were trying to bop it open to see what was inside! Seriously Terrance, I’m really glad you’re ok. And yes scars are sexy. Look at one of my favorite actors Tommy Flanagan of Sons of Anarchy! (Chibs) He is one of the sexiest men on the planet. Next to you of course. Oh and thanks for the fantasy inspiration. You and a hot tub, um, er, I don’t think I’ll be getting a lot of sleep tonight!

  • Amanda Parker Griffis

    Well hell. That must hurt. I’m not blessed with speaking as eloquently as most. So rest up, speedy recovery and all that. Loads of love for you. Even scarred.

  • Tiffany Kintzel

    Yes sir. All scars have a story, a part of history… I love scars for that reason. Which makes them sexy given the fact that it has a story weather it’s embarrassing or bad ass.

  • Lavonda

    You could have said that you were fighting for the right to rule. Just remember to start the challenge with, “Oh yes, my lord Chamberlain, time to choose an Emperor.” Geek references aside, it’s good that you’re healing well. It looks like I’ll have a reason to get online on the 15th now.

  • Mechelle Catron

    oh no and yes scars are sexy on a man lol at least on you they will be. just glad Saars was there when i blacked out i was all alone just happened reach for my phone as I went down.

  • Jessie M

    Ooof. I spent 13 years in the medical field, and that is one of the most severe fall injuries I’ve ever seen. Perhaps concrete has been harboring a resentment all these years for you choosing to grace the word “below” with that amazing note in “21st Century Cure” and it finally got its revenge 😉 On a less facetious note, I can fully relate to the situation; although none of my injuries have been this severe, I hurt myself falling on a regular basis. Neurological motor dysfunction and autoimmune-related inner ear damage have joined forces against me, so walking on solid ground often feels like attempting to navigate the deck of a ship in ravaged waters. Usually I come out with just scrapes and bruises, though I did break my hand once. I just told people I got in a boxing match with a kangaroo.Tell people you won a fight with a drunk bear. Why drunk? Well, it adds plausability to the story 😉 Hope you mend well and quickly, good sir. <3

  • Hallia

    Terrance, I’m glad you’re okay! I think you look great, as always! I look forward to Wednesday! ^_^

  • Dorothea Cantero

    So no concussion? Your mind is the sexiest thing about you, so I think you are fine there.

    My last fight with the concrete resulted in 22 staples. Can scars be sexy on a woman?

    Glad to see that you are doing OK, will always tune in for tunes and treats.

  • Mary H.

    Well, that must have been terrifying. Glad you are okay. This happened to my husband a few years back but he made it to a hardwood floor before keeling over. Wounds heal and chicks/dudes dig scars. Hope you’re able to get those staples out soon!

  • Jesse Lynn

    Stupid temperature fluctuations. Smh

    Lol sorry to hear u lost the fight w the concrete and all but it’s good that you’re STILL in good spirits 🙂 Hang in there buuuuddy.

    Btw you look super sexy ;p
    Murderous Love

  • Megan

    Yes, scars on a man are sexy. Sorry you hurt yourself, but I fear you’ve likely increased the number of devoted followers who lust after you. SSDGM

  • I PS’d this for you, Terrance…I’m supposed to be working right now, but saw this and had to make it yours…so I did. If I had the time, I’d make it in RL so you could auction it off. OH well. Hope you’re feeling better…but it still may be time to call in that Hendelman account. 😉 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d9ed6ba8306e4d01666feff04e5d67492d0631e9fe09324b3da90700eb46f1c2.jpg Christ, I guess I’m going to have to find some kind of Barbie with long curly hair so I can make Mr. Storm too. 😉 XOXOXO

    • And I know you don’t give a crap if we comment here or not, I just wanted you to know that I was sorry about you hurting yourself, and I know you’re OK but man…I just love you guys so much. Happy ALMOST First AMS Anniversary.

    • Callie Myers (CaliCat)

      DUDE! That’s fucking awesome!! Kudos! OMG! I want pops of all of his characters now!!

  • Laurie Neufeld

    Oh my goodness, you poor man. Hot tubs are nefarious, aren’t they? You’ll have some amazing scrapes and bruises for the Wake, though, eh? And yes, scars are DEFINITELY sexy! Take care.

  • Andromeda Aristy

    Scars are awesome yo, each one tells a story! Still though, that’s awful. D: I hope you have a speedy and smooth recovery! And you better BELIEVE I’m joining in on that murder party!

  • Michele McAdams

    So glad you’re okay, Terrance. Definitely not a pleasant experince.

  • Juliet Rellis

    Yikes. FDGB. Fall Down, Go Boom. Graverobber would have approved that fall and as a fan of your work, I feel bad for you. Even though I have fallen thousands of times with scrapes and bruises to the knees, bloody nicks on the legs, painful teeth growths, and yes even a few ankle sprains, I would get up, cry a bit from the agonizing pain (Zydrate Anatomy please! XD), and walk away without a single stitch on my body. It depends on how the scar was given if the scar is sexy to a man, but tattoos can attract a person or two, as well. Hope you recover from your injury, sir.
    -Juliet Rellis
    P.S. One day, I want to speak to you personally through my phone or video.

  • Emily Greene

    At least, you didn’t have any permanent damage and your feeling better. 🙂 As for scars being sexy? I think it depends on the person. IMHO, I would rather not see a man have scars, however I think that scars on a man can be made sexy, especially if he is nice.

  • Eva Destruction

    Scars on anyone are sexy. They tell tales. One true, infinite imagined. And with every asking “hey. how’d you get that scar?” comes a choice: truth or legend. And we all know what to do when faced with that choice. Go with the legend.

  • Juliet Fugman (Patty Thompson)

    I wish that I can say personally that I want to donate my hair for the fourth time ever and give it to you in the form of an auburn wig as a get well soon gift, since my hair is 100% auburn/reddish color. Get better soon, Terrance Zdunich.

  • Lindsay Davis

    First and foremost, wow. I get dizzy like that too, but thankfully have never blacked all the way out.
    To answer your question, FUCK YES. Scars on a man, regardless of how they are received, are sexy.
    You sir, are just as sexy now, if not more so than years ago when I fell for the sultry voiced man who brought Graverobber to life.
    I hope this finds you feeling much better,

  • Brit Bishop

    Need more genderqueer actors? Lemme know.., Love you, love the shows, and I love the freak family you’ve all built. Allowing the fans to feel like a part of it through in-your-face and over-the-top characters, stories, and songs. Having you in the lead never hurts… *wink* Your voice is a shea butter body scrub (that’s a good thing). Kiss kiss, bang bang. Take that how you will 😉 XP

  • Cynful

    I always want to use terms of endearment with you, but I will refrain 🙂 Just reading this today for the second time with greater thought. I used to have severe reactions to temperature changes. I would break out in hives when the temperature dropped or rose more than 20 degrees. I have learned that it is a side effect of my auto-immune disease. Knowing that you have gone through some health issues over the last year, I hope you are taking great care of yourself. And I’m sure you have received more than enough endorsement from your fans that you are ever sexy. But more than that, you are someone I would gladly call friend.

  • Messr. Night

    Terrance, is it too much to ask that you stop hurting yourself? I get working yourself to the bone for the sake of your craft, but getting into fights with concrete is just plain unwise.

    Ah, the cake party! Not sure if I’ve already mentioned finding those videos last week. It was hilarious to watch. Genuinely surprised things didn’t burn in the process.

    “it’s the steamy cauldron of slash fan fiction” For some fans, possibly. But the sentence did give me a good laugh. I’m almost scared to ask if people have actually done this?

    Side note, you’re telling us that Saar loves to cook AND owns a hot tub. His house parties must be amazing! (Also, how does this dude even afford a house in L.A.?)