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A Suit And Tie Affair

Unless it’s a comic book or oddities store, shopping is on my list of least favorite things to do. Especially clothing shopping. Naturally, I like looking at pretty clothes on pretty people, but when it comes to my own wardrobe, I’m lost and impatient.

I’d rather deal with attire that doesn’t quite fit than spend time trying on different sizes. I’d prefer to wear a shirt with the sleeves falling off from age than endure awful department store music. I’d sooner swing around like Tarzan, dressed only in leaves and ivy than navigate an aisle of baby-stroller-bumper-cars at the mall. But every so often, even a clothing caveman such as myself needs to buy a god damn suit.

Last week, Saar Hendelman and I went suit shopping. We decided that we were going to put on a traveling recital, one where we’d dress up real nice, invite a handful of people to dress up real nice with us, sit down around a piano and sing real nice songs about murder, the Devil, organ repossessions, and other foul things. We decided to put on an Anti-Recital.


Saar and I have been touring for years in various capacities, usually presenting our work as artists at music venues and theaters, hoping to pack in as many souls as we could convince to nab tickets. For the Anti-Recital, however, we’re abandoning this traditional approach and limiting each performance—each Anti-Recital—to only thirty people. We’ll be dragging ourselves and a piano around into alternative, intimate and undisclosed locations, so the Anti-Recital will take on the atmosphere of a wicked living room concert.

We’ll be taking song requests and fancy photographs with those in attendance (whom we’re dubbing “Anti-Socialites”). We’ll be mingling, imbibing, answering questions, and sharing stories and songs that have inspired us as artists. A few select anti-socialites will even join us for a Hangover Breakfast of coffee and pie the morning following their Recital.

Because the Anti-Recital is not married to any of our specific film or music projects, Saar and I are free to play tunes from all of them, as well as a bunch of other stuff that we normally wouldn’t get to do. We also get to dress how we want, and we’re choosing to dress fancy. We’re in the process of amassing a schnazzy collection of ties, tie pins, waist coats, ridiculous socks, and more, to take with us out on the road. In the meantime, here’s sneak peek of what the Anti-Recital will look like.

A big thanks to costumer Krystine Jett for helping Saar and I select our suits, and for making our shopping experience more bearable than it would have been otherwise. And an equally big thank you to all you anti-socialites out there who have supported both our dressed-up and dressed-down artistic endeavors over the years. I hope to see all of your fine, well-dressed selves at the Anti-Recital. Because of the intimate nature of this show, tickets are already beginning to sell out… so if you want to reserve your space around the piano with us, you may want to act fast.

GET TICKETS: www.AntiRecital.com.

(photos by William Rot; Anti-Recital poster by Oceano Ransford)