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August 24, 2016
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October 19, 2016
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2 Feet From The Magic

In a matter of minutes, I’ll be boarding a van with seven mad souls to drive across the country and back. It’s an adventure a long time coming. Chances are I’ll see you on this journey, but if you haven’t been invited yet, allow me a moment to formally request your presence at a very specific celebration. Yes, the devil is asking you to meet him at the crossroads. Will you? All we need is some blood, a banjo and a pinky promise (two of the three of which are presently being loaded onto the van).


As a fan of my work, you’re probably aware that Repo! The Genetic Opera began as a small black box theater production. All of the songs that you love from the 2008 film—“Mark it Up”, “Legal Assassin”, “21st Century Cure”—they all had their debuts in rooms where less than a hundred people could squeeze into, including us actors, a rock band, and few carts full of rubber Halloween store body parts. It was awesome. Every night was a party. Following these live performances, the audience, cast and crew would often drink and dance on our makeshift sets until the sun came up.


As a working filmmaker, I love the path that my career has taken, but I miss the rawness and purity of those early, formative years. I miss performing with and for friends and fans. It was magical.


What if were to tell you that you could be a part of that same experience? That you could be standing two feet from the likes of Repo Man and Shilo and GraveRobber as the teeth of those iconic characters were being cut? The following is going to read like a shameless sales pitch, but I promise you it’s much more.


For the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve been developing a new musical project with longtime friend and collaborator, Saar Hendelman. With the new project, we’re bringing back that intimate and communal approach that was the foundation of the Repo! legacy. This is why I’m journeying across the country, and why I would love it if you joined me.


In thirty US cities, our ragtag troupe is transforming very intimate spaces into living historical wakes. Costumes. Coffins. Drinking. Dancing. And Saar and I will be part of the nightly entertainment, singing live songs of death as the Blood Travelers, Messrs Storm & Tender. It will be unlike anything else you may endeavor to do this Halloween season.


In addition to having a great time with groovy people, by buying a ticket and coming out to be a part of the festivities, you’ll be helping to fund a creatively unique project at a crucial juncture.


Bottom line: every Wake on this tour will be one-of-a-kind and intimate. Very intimate. You will never be able to experience the project as up close and personal as this again. It will be like being in those tiny black box spaces when Repo! was born. Come be a part of the inauguration of American Murder Song. Come meet me on the crossroads of The American Wake Tour.

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