I’m Terrance – an artist residing in L.A., California. This site is a gallery of…well, of me. Each room features aspects of my work as an artist, including elements that lurk behind the drywall and only reveal themselves when the lights go out.


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  • http://www.jessicabrugess.com Jessica Brugess

    Wow!!! I saw you last night in Repo! and I had to check out this “Terrance Zdunich” guy. Fantastic work, fantastic film…almost too close to home for comfort. Loved it, and looking forward to checking out some more of your art.

  • Angie Gonzalez

    I am at a loss for words at your creativity and ingenuity when it came to the story of Repo. Not only with Repo, but with your paintings and your other stories as well. It really inspires me as a young writer and artist.

    Just watching the movie or listening to the music makes me want to pick up my pencil and start working on my own stories (Believe me I have a million in my head, I’m just so lazy and I procrastinate too much….ugh)

    I guess the last thing I have to say is thank you and I hope to see more from you

    Testify :)


  • callmepresh

    the story of how i discovered repo is wild…in san francisco trying to escape my life, when i entered an empty theater…but heard SOUNDS downstairs…so we followed the sounds with the same trepidation as dorothy when she was unsure where she was being led…we were greeted by a middle aged spiky haired lesbian, who said “you can come in…its a bit gory but its GREAT” and, i did…and well, now here i am, with no trepidation. thought you were just a hunky, magnetic actor yet here you are…so much more. gives me faith in the world and mankind. truly.

  • http://www.myspace.com/serenitychan13 Anna

    You’re bloody awesome and Wicked Faire was the most amazing thing ever! Wishin’ ya the best o’ luck in the UK Tour! Have fun in the pubs!

  • Izz

    I find no coincidence in the fact that all of my intelligent friends watch Repo! and the rest just watch stupid mainstream movies, although I shall convert them!! :) Anyway, my fan-fiction is 47 pages long and i’m yet finished.

    Love and Peppermints

    (not real peppermints, just the gist of them, since i don’t have any at the moment. But when i get some, you’ll be the firs to know)

  • Izz

    Oh and P.P.S.
    You have convinced me that there are still intelligent, cool, talented, (yet not too egotistical) people out there, and that the world might not blow up even though all the good people are also crazy.

  • ashley

    just wanted to let you know that i think you’re the bee’s knee’s :)

    such an incredible artist…you make me smile and that is lovely

  • http://www.myspace.com/darkangel2369 Dark Angel

    You are a GOD! Not only an amazing artist in all aspects of the word, you are one of the few people in the world that has captured everyone’s fantasy and made it all real. I can’t wait to see your next project.

  • Krystal


    Brand new here, but not without having done my homework, therefore I am not a complete stranger to your displayed works & talents.

    I can’t possibley say or express to you what has already been expressed thousands, millions of ways by so many of your admirers; I can merely add to the outpowering of flattery & praise directed towards you.

    It would be a fruitless task for me to pursue in telling/expressing to you the respect I have for you that continues to grow further still. I’m not sure I’ve ever come across such a brave artist before with the purity & endurance you seem to have. I don’t know if it’s by some absurd luck of fate, or strength of your own character that you’ve managed to touch so many people with what you do; perhaps it’s both. But whatever the reason, thank you so much for doing what you do & sharing it with the world, it’s an honor & pleasure for us to recieve your gifts in whichever ways you choose to present them to us.


    *Krystal (Cruel2BKind)

  • Ktangela

    Hey. I watched Repo with some of my friends and I think you were are amazing. They assure me you were never an elf ;)

    You have a fab voice, are you in a band or the like?? Have you recorded anything? I love your voice!

    Kt xx

  • Bella Swan

    Well…I have seen repo like 20 times and i just love it!!!!!! When you sing the 21st Century Cure song its just so gosh DAMN amazing!!!! It is amazing how low your voice went on the BELOW part and it sounded so sexy!!! LOL I love your work!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/mrsmeo Mary

    I must say I get some strange looks in my small town when I’m driving around with “Zydrate Anatomy” blasting from the Ipod…. but people have been known to rock out to it, or “We started this opera sh*t”, without even knowing what it is, all they know is they love the music. Just know you have at least one person spreading the word in a small west coast town. Testify :-)

  • Jesster

    Eh, just watched repo for the second time and my family and I have just agreed that you need to get the fuck on that sequel. You have captured our interest from 5 years old to 40. Let’s just say you had my mom drooling from your voice, and I’ve been singing about little glass vials for the past few days, so whatcha waitin for man?!?! Make an album. We’ll buy it. We wouldn’t even mind if you sang into our voicemail either. =3

  • Mickey

    Goodness My.
    As many have said before me, and as I’m sure many will say after, your personality, your talent, and sheer ingenuity blows me away. I won’t waste space with what’s been said countless times, so I’ll leave it at ‘your art (and songs, and stories, and anecdotes) leaves my mouth hanging open.’
    Much non-creepy love and support,

  • Kristy Sweet

    You have such sights to show me.. ;)

  • Jackie

    I just wanted to say that you have amazing talent not only as a singer but as an actor, wirter, composer, and artist as well. And i’m sure your talented in other areas as well ;).
    But seriously, I think that Repo! will be an amazing step towards bringing musical theatre (even tho its a movie) to the public. I’m not saying people will automaticly start to go see the Magic Flute or Carmen or something, but maybe they will start to look into something that isn’t crappy.

    Your the best!

    Ps. I read the blog and wonder if you got your own little Shilo while in Texas? lol. (And I’m not asking to be like a creppy stalker, I was just curious.)

  • Brittany

    Just got turned on to Repo, and I was absolutely FLOORED by you. Sexy, stunning, and simply amazing. The writing, acting, singing, illustrating-all fantastic. And I might add, I got a little crush on ya in the process. :)

    Love from New Jersey, and good luck in all you do,


  • MAsked Revolt

    All I can say is Amazing. In every way from writer to actor and all in between simply amazing. It is people like you who make me remember that the world isn’t completely hopelessly lost in dreary dullness. So I applaud you. And hug you. And thank you.

  • http://lillum.deviantart.com/ Nil

    I just found this pic after spending months molesting your site-
    Terrance, What the hell did you do to that mail box?

  • kurse

    please hear me out before you delete this. i worked on a transplant ward for three weeks before i couldn’t take it anymore. people in organ failure live their lives waiting for others to do and there is a lot of guilt attached but to live in aworld where those precious, precious organs could be taken back in the dead of night by a masked night surgeon chills me to the bone. not in a bad way you must understand. it’s what intrigued me when i first heard of your opera. i love this idea that turns my gut to ice. what are the chances of a screening in australia?

  • kurse

    sorry that should say waiting for others to die. my bad.

  • Tak

    About a year ago, I remember not wanting to see Repo! because I was not (and am still not really) a fan of bloody movies. Boy, am I glad my boyfriend talked me into watching it. This movie is great, what else can I say? Testify!

  • http://surgeriesrus.proboards.com Kelsea

    the first time i saw Repo! was on Thursday. Since then, I’ve plunged headfirst into this beautifully macabre fandom phenomenon. I’ve now seen the movie almost 13 times. (I’m watching it for the 13th movie as I’m writing this, now at the chanting of “Remember who you are…”) Anyways, I’m nothing but amazed by this whole deal. I can’t wait to see shadow casts, conventions, and even stay inspired by all of this enough for my newest write-site to take off. I’m a writer, mostly into RP writing for now, and am slowly developing into more by creating my own themed sites. One of which is a Repo! based site, taking place after the tragedy at the theatre.

    once again, you are constantly inspiring and astounding. thank you, Kelsea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000000303267&v=wall&story_fbid=139270442749632#!/profile.php?id=100000000303267&v=info Yamilette

    I was on ON DEMAND and I saw the movie title and I was hooked! I saw the movie and I was so amazed, I just said to myself, finally, something different and fresh, you know. Though it came out in 2008 I think, I just saw in in 2010, which is sad but for sure I enjoyed it. Your character, Grave robber, was not only a great singer, but he also brought a little bit of sexy to the whole blood, guts and gore thing. Paris Hilton wasn’t so bad herself, its nice to see her dressed in black and not all that preppy pink and glitter (laughs). Alexa Vega also looked amazing, everyone did for that matter. Its so goth and just so awesome, Terrance, you’re a genius and I surely look up to you, you’re insane (giggles). Great work and I hope to see so much more :)


  • constance

    Repo has the best movie soundtrack, EVER! I listen to it every night, w/o failure, even when I am sick or have to get up really early the next day for work or some other banal thing. The Graverobber songs are the best, but I am partiial, so sue me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Briar0Rose Aurora(likethesunrise)

    I loved you in Repo! which lead me here. You are a great artist and talented soloist.

    The internet really makes one feel like a stalker….nest ce pas?

  • Ambersweet

    Oh my God I love that picture!!!!!

  • Alyse

    it’s been a long time since I’ve written on your page…. I’ve been making every one of my fellow Repo! fans watch the movie in a whole new and exciting way and just had to share it with you because I’m curious to know if you all are aware of the brilliance hidden in the colors… If you have not, watch your movie again with 3D glasses… just the red and green kind, nothing fancy. It brings the experience to a whole new magnificently twisted level that must be experienced!

    Sticky kisses and crawly things! :E (that’s my monster smiley)

  • Ms.Mantis

    I didn’t know about this picture ;)
    That look on your face…I just can’t imagine how crazy I would go if you were covered in blood.

  • Calla

    I really love you both as a writer and an actor (Repo! for the win!) and I can’t wait for The Devil’s Carnival. It looks amazing! (By the way, I really hope that you guys get to do a Repo! sequel/prequel. It would make so many of us fans so happy.)
    The fanbase here would love it if you’d come to Houston’s Comicpalooza again if you can (this is coming from a fan herself).
    Thank you so much for creating and acting in my all-time favorite film, and for creating and acting in another which I’m sure to love when it’s said and done. :)

  • D

    Happy birthday, big guy. Saw your Devils Carnival show last night (this morning?) in Montreal. Great to have you back, and hope you come again soon!

  • Heather Protzman

    Happy birthday! Hope it was devilishly delightful!

  • http://Mlia.com Autumn

    I just wet to see the devils carnival last Thursday in Cleveland ohio! It was amazing and I met you and Darren it was awesome the best night of my life by far!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ChelseaCharisma Chelsea Charisma

    I went to Chicago to see the double feature of The Devil’s Carnival and REPO! The Genetic Opera. Let me just say it was possibly the best night of my life seeing as I got a kiss on the lips. As ever, it was incredible to talk to you and just bullshit. Can’t wait for the next tour, doll.


  • Mike Murga


  • http://anhedonicblonde.blogspot.com/ Annie Vox

    Brilliant, amazing artistry. Watch out for those zombie wasps.

  • laaura